watercolor and gouache sketches

These are some of my watercolor and gouache sketches from the last couple months. I make a point to go out painting during my lunch breaks at work- there’s something about the craft of painting with real paint that I love. It also forces you to plan out your paintings much, much more, which is a good habit to get into. All of these took about 20-40 minutes on site, some have had touchups once I got home. I’ve been doing this since I took a workshop with the incomparable Nathan Fowkes last year at LAAFA. Have a peek, leave a comment !

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  1. These are great sketches! Could you comment a little bit on your impression of Nathan Fowkes as an instructor? How highly would you recommend his gouache workshop? I am thinking of traveling to LA to take it, and was wondering if it would be worthy the trip. Any advice or suggestion is very welcome! Thanks!

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